Eat and drink

A little hungry or something to celebrate?

A&W Restaurant

Facing the boarding gate 30

Burgers, chicken strips, assorted side dishes and breakfasts

Blaxton Pub & Grill

Facing the boarding gate 33

Selection of breakfasts, full meals, desserts and alcoholic drinks

Brûlerie Rousseau par Nourcy

Facing the boarding gate 32

Variety of coffees and teas, signature sandwiches, lunch salads, snacks and desserts

RELAY Boutiques

Facing the boarding gate 32

Travel essentials, reading material (newspapers, magazines, books), souvenirs, candies, and soft drinks

V.I.P Lounge by Club Med

Near the boarding gate 29

Light and evolving menu, non-alcoholic beverages and a selection of wines, beers and spirits

Vending machines

Waiting area of gates 20 to 28 and near boarding gate 35

Soft drinks, juice, water, chips, cookies, candy and other snacks